Missing Teeth Might Benefit from Partial Dentures

At Anderson Dentistry, we are happy to offer partial dentures for our clients in Mt Pleasant, South Carolina seeking to replace missing teeth. Partial dentures have helped many of our patients who still have one or more natural teeth in their upper or lower jaw. So, what are partial dentures? They are essentially replacement teeth… Read more »

Complete Your Smile With a Dental Bridge Following Tooth Extraction

If have suffered untreated tooth decay or experienced severe tooth damage and have been told that it is too significant to benefit from root canal treatment, it is highly possible that the tooth will need to be extracted to preserve your smile. Following the removal of a tooth, there are many options for tooth replacement,… Read more »

Upgrade a Weakened Tooth With a Dental Veneer

Are you considering improving your smile with dental veneers? If so, our dentist and dental team are thrilled for you! The great thing about dental veneers is that they cover the front surfaces of your teeth to disguise any unwanted imperfections and enhance the look of your smile. To help you have a better idea… Read more »

Smile Bright With Zoom Whitening

Have you ever wondered what your teeth would look like if they were stain and discoloration free? Did you know that there are teeth restoration techniques such as Zoom whitening that focus specifically on improving the basic color of your teeth? For a better understanding of the basics of Zoom teeth whitening treatments, here are… Read more »

Dental Facts on Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you looking to improve your smile? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have the perfect smile? If so, you have come to the right place! Our team is skilled at improving your smile and skilled at giving you a smile that you will be proud of for years to come…. Read more »

A Composite Dental Filling Can Be Shaded to Match the Neighboring Tooth Enamel

Natural tooth enamel has a certain white color and sheen. When a cavity develops on a tooth that is noticeable in your smile it can cause discomfort, while also proving to be unsightly. If the area of tooth decay is relatively small and limited to the tooth’s enamel layer, Dr. Charles Anderson and his team… Read more »

A Few Notes Pertaining to the Causes of Halitosis

Are you aware of the causes of bad breath? Bad breath is a medical condition often arising from poor dental health habits or other health issues. Furthermore, bad breath can be caused by the foods you eat and other unhealthy lifestyle habits. Listed below are a few causes of bad breath: – Underlying ailments deep… Read more »

A Water Flosser Device Can Help Clean Bacterial Deposits from Your Gumline

Your daily oral hygiene routine needs to be founded on brushing your teeth twice and flossing at least once each day. This is important for removing food particles, sugary residue, and plaque deposits before they can harden into tartar. This could significantly increase your chances of suffering cavities and periodontal health problems. Your soft-bristled toothbrush… Read more »

Treatments with Dental Sealants

With the coming of Halloween and the numerous holidays to come afterward, it is important to take the time now to prepare your teeth for the onslaught of sugars and tooth-damaging substances coming your way. For additional help with your oral health care, consider dental sealants. Dental sealants are highly effective tooth restorations that can… Read more »

Have a Top-Notch Fall Smile by Doing These Things

Fall is a wonderful time of year when the weather gets colder and you can feel the approach of the upcoming holidays. As you enjoy this time, it’s important to keep your smile in mind. In fact, it’s best to take good care of your smile so you can maintain a top-notch oral health that’s… Read more »